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Do you want to create the perfect home office space?

If so, then this is for you!

With any small office space, design, functionality and lighting are key for a great working environment and we have picked 113 best home offices ideas from the web that maximizes those factors for you to look through.

This list is packed with 113 home office ideas that will help you to find the perfect layout for your dream office space.


Let's dive in.

Attic Home Office Spaces

1. Getting rid of the paperwork? Clear the shelves and create a minimalistic yet functional look. 

Image Source: delightfull.eu


2. This office uses a wood effect Roller blind to great effect and they have added bottles to their window space, to add to the relaxed feel of the room. A natural wooden desk and lamp give this office a look of exploration.

Image Source: completely-coastal.com


3. Utilise the unique shape of an attic to create a striking shaped office and bookcase. In addition, the glamorous Roman blind on display gives the office a regal feel.

Image Source: cdn.onekindesign.com


4. A striking contrast between the plain white and varnished wood creates a dramatic office.

Image Source: i.pinimg.com


5. Use a pop of colour on the end wall to make a statement and use for storage. The window here gives the worker a great view while the grey blind contrasts the pop colour.

Image Source: southshoredecoratingblog.com


6. Utilise the slope of the ceiling in this attic to create light over your work space.  Make sure you pick a roller blind to ensure that the heat from the sun doesn’t become too intense.


Image Source: noixdecocoon.blogspot.com


7. Don’t let the low ceiling stop you, check out this design! Located in an attic this office has a large window at the side, and a good blind is required to stop the intense sunlight making working conditions unbearable.

Image Source: sunset.com


8. Why build a bookcase when the sloping walls are all you need, create this stunning backdrop with some striking pictures on the shelves.

The shelves are around the window allowing for great natural light to penetrate the room.

Image Source: sunset.com


9. Love your books? Create your own library and home office in the attic and make it a place you won't want to leave. In this classic look, the office has a small window at the back and as such requires two at the top of the roof to supplement its lighting.

Image Source: deliasphotos.com


10. A modern twist to an attic office, with plenty of cupboard space to hide away those papers. Again these office spaces can be really warm due to the heat from the sun, so don’t forget your blind.

Image Source: nevillejohnson.co.uk


11. This design utilises every inch of available space, with a pop of colour and sunlight really makes the room bright. 

Image Source: alcovedesigns.co.uk


12. The white walls with grey and black accents gives this room a bright feeling.

 Image Source: interioremodel.com


Home Offices For Multiple Users

13. Be inspired by the outdoors with the light and views out of the window. This office has opted for a full width blind that covers the entire 4 frames. This is something we can do for you with our custom made service.

Image Source: dwell.com


14. A chance for collaboration as well as your own space with this attic designed for two desks.

Image Source: magnolia.com


15. This light room has an industrial feel with the cabinets and grey accents.

Image Source: insbride.ru


16. This shared wooden table allows for collaboration and glass portion of the wall creates a striking environment.  

Image Source: skylabarchitecture.com


17. It may not contain a striking desk but the wall creates an amazing feature all on its own. The spacious windows at the top allow natural light to penetrate the room.

Image Source: nevillejohnson.co.uk


18. This clean and sleek office is perfect if you want to keep everything tucked away out of sight.

Image Source: luckythink.com


19. The dark paint definitely does not make this room feel small, this double desk allows you to spread out as you work.

Image Source: manofmany.com


20. This Japanese styled home office allows for both simplicity and functionality and a superb wooden blind adds to the look and feel.

Image Source: qanvast.com


21. This statement floor combined with the wall creates a dramatic office with ample space and a wood slatted blind gives a bold look aligned with the thick wooden paneling of the wall.

Image Source: insplosion.com


22. The wooden floors combined with the three windows creates plenty of light in this room and 3 blinds allow the user to regulate the flow of light.

Image Source: homyfeed.com


23. Floor to ceiling storage with built in desks allows your home office to only take up one wall, and the classic curtains make this a perfect bedroom home office.

Image Source: ajonstonhome.com


24. Got more space? The wrap around desk structure uses the space to its advantage with plenty of draws and shelves for storage.

Image Source: venidair.com


25. This panelled wall with contrasting wood shelves and seats creates a contrast that cannot be ignored and we again see the strong effect of a wooden blind.

Image Source: abchomy.com


26. Need plenty of writing space, this office design with wooden floors has plenty of space for both the computer and to write and draw. The 2 split blinds add a splash of elegance and sophistication.

Image Source: blogant.site


27. Let the light in or not that is your choice with the blind being surrounded by books and shelves galore.

Image Source: abchomy.com


28. The drawers not only add industrial feel to the room but create perfect sections to create a filing system.

Image Source: decoratrend.com


Small Home Office Space Ideas

29. This small cove in the wall can be utilised, some shelves, a desk and computer creates the perfect productive space.

Image Source: grillo-designs.com


30. Turn what could be a reading corner into a functional workstation with plenty of spaces for files and pictures.

Image Source: skylabarchitecture.com


31. This bright workstation can brighten any room and hide the mess of desks when you are done.

Image Source: notreloft.com


32. Who said the landing is dead space? Make use of it by inserting a desk across the width of it. The grey blind helps the landing space to feel like a room.

Image Source: houseandgarden.co.uk


33. Oddly shaped spaces are not a problem with this home office solution whiling around corners in the walls.

Image Source: blogant.site


34. Really struggling for space? This desk doubles as a shelf creating the perfect functional hideaway in any bedroom. Don’t forget to get some curtain hooks to ensure that the curtain doesn’t continually get into your way.

Image Source: spirossoulis.com


35. Not the smallest small space in the world but look at what you can do with a few roman blinds and a desk, create an effortless beautiful space.

Image Source: domino.com 


36. Whether these magnificent floor to ceiling cupboard are for office supplies or your personal walk in wardrobe the wooden desk creates a fabulous contrast and the matching blind really gives the area a sense of importance.

Image Source: vintagehomeca.tumblr.com


37. This huge window and soft coloured wood creates a light bright clean sanctuary to work in. But they definitely need a blind adding to this window.

Image Source: dfordesign.style


38. Allowing you to optimise your small space check out this desk solution with floating shelves, you can also see the importance of a great office blind due to the intense flare of the sun.

Image Source: simplichique.com.br


39. Why not build your desk into your bed and create the contemporary space with minimal clutter.

Image Source: renovation.sg


40. This lean up shelving look creates vertical space without taking up that critical square footage.

Image Source: coodecor.com


41. Striking carpet and endless light creates a timeless feel combined with that striking dark wood desk and in addition take a look at the beautiful floral blind.

Image Source: houseandgarden.co.uk


42. Bay windows are often forgotten or not utilised properly watch the world go by as you work with this design.

Image Source: achadosdedecoracao.blogspot.com


43. This design can work in the tightest of space, with plenty of shelves and a chalkboard to keep you organised.

Image Source: silahsilah.com


44. For those who need solutions for tight spaces why not have your desk under your bed?

Image Source: trendedecor.com


45. Create ample space to get your work done, under the stairs!  

Image Source: ambitionsplurielles.com


46. Fold away the desk when it isn’t required with this innovative space saving idea.

Image Source: decorating-hq.com


47. Need somewhere to keep things but still want it out of the way? This not only doubles as a shelf but keeps your work out of sight.

 Image Source: etsy.com


48. This cove has been kept simple and functional but with wood finishing to give it an effortless finish.

Image Source: pooplomails.ru


49. This office space takes up not much more than a single wardrobe, and could be built anywhere into the house! 


Image Source: digsdigs.com


50. Like to keep the mess hidden away? Check out this desk that hides behind a panel!

Image Source: trendedecor.com


51. This gorgeous cabinet can be part of your everyday furniture, yet it has a pull out desk for a home office station!

Image Source: notreloft.com


52. The wood panel as a break in the black wall creates added drama to this home office design.

 Image Source: digsdigs.com


Library Style Home Office Ideas

53. The old antique-styled chairs and colour scheme gives this open-spaced office a classic look.

Image Source: hoomdsgn.com


54. These chairs combined with the shelving creates a classic and bright look. The curtains give a relaxing feel to the room.

Image Source: highlandhomes.com


55. Need somewhere to discuss things as well as a desk, check out this statement table along with matching chairs.

Image Source: onekindesign.com


56. The large patterned rug combined with the white chair creates a stark contrast to the black background.

Image Source: wavesofideas.com


57. The patterned carpet combined with the grey accents creates a dazzling room. Notice how they have used both a blind and curtains to add more variety.

Image Source: hoomdsgn.com


58. The dark wood combined with the traditional styled furniture creates a classic library feel. Even the blind matches the color of the book bindings.

Image Source: douglasdesignstudio.com


59. You would never want to leave your home office with the combination of a real fire endless books and a place to sit and look out on the world. Here the window uses a fashion statement curtain combined with a practical blind.

Image Source: inspiraspaces.com


60. A modern take on the traditional library with white furniture and plenty of daylight.


Image Source: onekindesign.com


61. A large picture behind that desk or a projector screen to watch films on?


Image Source: moercar.com


62. Listen to the rain and let nature inside your office space with this glass and wooden furniture. 

Image Source: byshnordic.com


63. Create the traditional library feel without the large space. 

 Image Source: luckythink.com


Country Feel Home Office Ideas

 64. This large white space is completed by this striped roman blinds and matching office chair.

Image Source: drivenbydecor.com


65. This room has an explorers feel with its wooden desk, and traditional panels combined with the bamboo blinds. 

Image Source: cafedesign.us


66. This has a country chic feel at its heart with the solid wood desk and the simple structured chair creates a perfect simplicity. 

Image Source: instagram.com


67. Create a small space within your lounge area for the perfect little office space.

Image Source: onekindesign.com


68. This layered desk creates a multidimensional feel as well as additional shelving space.

Image Source: loveinteriordesign.net


69. The combination of beautiful beams and layered desk definitely adds drama to this classically styled room.

Image Source: homyfeed.com


70. With the wire stand alone shelves combined with the multi drawer desk this style will definitely keep you organised while keeping the chic feel.

Image Source: sarahjoyblog.com


71. The pin up allows you to keep home pictures or paperwork reminders, this is a new way to store your paperwork and the green blind ties in nicely with the theme.

Image Source: office.interboya.com


72. Never lose track of time with this statement clock, this really is a comfy looking home office with a beautiful wide blind.

Image Source: loveinteriordesign.net


73. Utilise a statement patterned chair with plain white furniture makes the room pop.


Image Source: luckythink.com


74. Who says neutral colours are boring… check out this fabulous office design. The striking curtains make the room pop.


Image Source: avilow.com


75. A statement desk combined with a gorgeous dropped light really gives this room an extra sense of glamour. 

Image Source: digsdigs.com


76. Optimise the use of your space with floor to ceiling cupboards except for a gap for more work space.

 Image Source: styledonut.com


Chic Home Office Ideas

 77. This is a truly chic office with a pop of pink creating a soft feeling.

Image Source: delightfull.eu


78. Use bright matching furnishing creates a stand out area to work in.  The bordered blind looks great at any level.

Image Source: southshoredecoratingblog.com


79. These rectangular rooms are perfect to create your own home office, use the singular wall with a stand out desk to add colour.

Image Source: instagram.com


80. This is a stunning room design with plenty of light and a feature wall to create a dramatic effect.

Image Source: vintageindustrialstyle.com


81. Don’t hide away that exposed brick and make that into a striking feature wall.

Image Source: lifeonvirginiastreet.com


82. A wall with a large window doesn’t have to be somewhere you can’t utilise, put a desk under it so the light doesn’t get on your screen.

Image Source: luckythink.com


83. Not everyone needs a desktop, this gives you plenty of space to write and maybe pop a laptop on! 

Image Source: thefancythings.com


84. Short on space and need the desk in your room? Utilise a free standing desk and a cork board to keep yourself organised. The classic roller blind adds to the sophistication. 

 Image Source: castesthill.com


Modern Home Office Ideas

85. Utilise dark furniture when there is loads of light, you won't be disappointed.

Image Source: manofmany.com


86. Don’t want the natural light? That’s fine, cover it up with a blind and create lighting within your storage system. Can you see those textured cupboards at the back? 

Image Source: instagram.com


87. Reclaimed wood or purchased this doesn’t matter we love the effect it has had on the room along with a zig zagged roman blind.

Image Source: 100hdi.blogspot.com


88. The back of cupboard mirrored, why not? These contrasting colours and modern furniture gives a sleek modern feel.

Image Source: moercar.com


89. White with an accent of gold seems to be a winning combination on this design, especially when the sunlight hits the shiny gold.

Image Source: insplosion.com


90. Make the ceiling beams the feature of the room with matching furniture really creates a wow factor.

Image Source: decor8blog.com


91. Check out this desk, this industrial feel with concrete floor creates the perfect finish.

Image Source: moercar.com


92. A statement carpet and images that inspire you is the perfect way to keep you motivated.

Image Source: careergirldaily.com


93. This use of glass and exposed brick combined with modern accents is an astounding combination.

Image Source: digsdigs.com


94. An industrial finish yet futuristic feel with help from the chairs and minimalistic look. 

Image Source: manofmany.com


95. With plenty of storage and making the window a feature within the room this is a truly functional room with a lovely finish. 

Image Source: jessisaac.com


96. See where you are going to travel next with this gorgeous full wall map! 

Image Source: manofmany.com


97. Add some accents of colour with these box cupboards. It is a creative solution with a vibrant feel.

Image Source: luckythink.com


98. Use foliage to add a pop of colour to this black and white room. 

Image Source: stylecurator.com.au


99. Sometimes you need no distractions, this simple but beautiful area has stunning attention to detail! 

Image Source: 100hdi.blogspot.com


100. Have an open shelving storage solution with this pipe effect.

Image Source: homeprit.com


101. The light coloured paint means the window becomes the statement within this home office.

Image Source: farmersdaughterinteriors.com


102. Bring the outside in with this green accent and wooden furniture combination.

Image Source: digsdigs.com


103. This creates a statement on any plain wall, with pops of colour and wooden supports it creates a talk about piece of furniture.

Image Source: notreloft.com


104. Build the desk into the wall to maximise working space without taking up too much room. The full use of the grey scale creates a gentle look with a combination of strong colours.

Image Source: moercar.com


105. Got gorgeous views? Take advantage of this with windows on every angle. This plus the wooden furniture gives this office an extravagant nautical feel.

Image Source: manofmany.com


106. The lights have a variety of drop length, giving the room more depth but variety depending on your needs. This design also allows you to watch the world go by or shut it away behind the blinds.

Image Source: housebeautiful.com


107. The use of the white backdrop means the dark modern furniture really stands out and takes your breath away.

Image Source: luckythink.com


108. This office really allows you to be at one with nature with windows covering the majority of the walls!

Image Source: pimphomee.com


109. Scream opulence with a chandelier and marble flooring! 

Image Source: office.interboya.com


110. This room is full of drama yet is minimal with floor to ceiling cupboards and drip down lights.

Image Source: homeremodel.gardenideas101.com


111. Utilise understairs but keep with modern homes theme with this funky chair and minimal desk. (just hope you don’t have too much paperwork to store!)

Image Source: interioremodel.com


112. Put your passions on display with a couple of open shelves but keep the messy paperwork behind cupboards!

Image Source: homeanddecor.com.sg


113. Paint over the industrial brick with white to ensure the wooden desk stands out.

Image Source: barn-walls.com

So there we have it, 113 home office ideas.

Think we have missed some truly inspirational home office designs?

 Let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to check our wide range of blinds for your home office.



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