Heavy Duty Waterproof & Windproof Outdoor Blinds

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Heavy Duty Waterproof & Windproof Outdoor Exterior Solar Blinds

Heavy Duty Outdoor Blinds - 16 Color Options - 3 Years Warranty

  1. TIMELESSLY CLASSIC These custom roller shades offer a classic look that is timeless & stylish, but with no compromise to functionality. They are highly durable while being able to survive & thrive in an outdoor environment.
  2. WINDPROOFING Your new light filtering blind is windproof and comes with 2 stainless steel acrylic-coated cables behind to stop the bottom aluminum bars from swaying when the wind blows.
  3. WATERPROOF & BLOCKS HEAT FROM THE SUN These outdoor patio blinds are made from imported fiberglass sunscreen material which is also waterproof and fire-resistant and blocks heat from the sun.
  4. PROTECTS FROM THE RAIN The fabric blinds provide protection from the rain (90% of rain will be blocked) so that your interiors will not get wet. Our custom blinds are available in 16 different colors to suit whatever preference you have!
  5. 3-YEAR WARRANTY Our standard roller blind comes with a 3-year warranty while for motorization upgrades you can enjoy a long and very generous 5-year warranty!


Our outdoor window shades help you enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while providing you with protection from sun glare and harmful UV rays. The window blind truly allows you the best of both worlds!

Made of 30% polyester and 70% PVC this aesthetically modern interior and exterior roller shade is durable, flame retardant, budget-friendly, and easy to clean. These light filtering solar blinds are available with a continuous cord loop, all motorized, motorized with remote, or motorized with Wifi.


With its premium & stylish contemporary appearance, this high-quality fiberglass & PVC balcony blind is made from fire-resistant materials. The solar shades come with durable rust-free 316 stainless steel accessories and either with exposed roll or cassette with fabric insert headrails - the choice is yours to make.


This water resistant & wind resistant outdoor blind gives superior outdoor performance protecting against rain, heat, & UV rays. And since there are no less than 16 beautiful colors available, your new inside and outside blinds will fit in perfectly with your current decor.


Choose to go full classic with a continuous cord loop lift system or add a blend of the 21st century to your outdoor roller window shades with the remote-controlled motorized or Wifi upgrade option. Motorization is kid-friendly. No more winding up or down by hand, just click a button and it’s done!


Create your own shade outside even without tree cover! Our premium-quality waterproof window shade ensures the shaded area remains cool in a similar way in which trees achieve the same thing. These light filtering blinds are a popular choice for patios, apartment balconies, outdoor link bridges, & a wide range of outdoor areas.

The blind is fully customizable to fit any outdoor space up to 19.7ft (6m) wide and for widths of over 9.85ft (3m), there’s an optional tube upgrade. For windproofing, this blind comes with two stainless steel acrylic-coated cables located to the rear. The cables hold the bottom aluminum bars in place and stop the outdoor shades from swaying back and forth when it’s windy.


Made from crease & fade-resistant polyester fabric these waterproof blinds are highly durable and perfectly suited to the outdoor environment. This unique blind which is built to provide more than 10 years of service is made from a translucent material that allows the desired amount of natural light in, provides all-important privacy, and still permits you to enjoy the outside view.

The blind is great for light filtering or sun protection from harsh UV rays. Further optional upgrades include a heavy-duty bottom bar and spring add-ons. Spring add-ons make it easier to pull larger, heavier blinds up given that less force is required. Available bottoms are standard or fabric wrap, while cable color options are white or black.


Easy to follow and fully illustrated instructions are dispatched together with your product for quick and easy installation either inside or out. And of course, you get all the required installation hardware. Note that for your convenience installation guides are also available online.


  • 16 different colors
  • Continuous cord loop, all motorized, motorized with remote, or motorized with Wifi.
  • Exposed roll or cassette with fabric insert headrails.
  • Tube upgrade for widths of 9.85ft or more.
  • Bottom bar.
  • Spring add-ons.
  • Standard or fabric wrap bottom.
  • White or black cable color.



  • Products come with 10cm of extra fabric to conceal and hide roller.
  • Sun control product. Not a privacy shade.
  • Comes with 2 cables to be installed to prevent outdoor blinds from swaying under huge wind.
  • All accessories are made with 316 stainess steel to prevent rust.
  • Block most of the rain and heat. Some water may still trickles in during long hours of rain.
  • Outside mounted blinds with exposed roll will show the hardware brackets, regardless of roll position selected.
  • Continuous Cord Loop lift system can be top and back mounted. The brackets provided are universal.
  • Factory deductions: Outside mount: No deductions on headrail, 1.2cm light gap on either side of fabric. (Do not account for factory deductions when measuring for your blinds.)
  • Factory deductions: Inside mount: Continuous Cord Loop: 0.3cm headrail deduction with 1.2cm light gap per side.  Cassette option: 0.3cm headrail deduction with light gap of 1.3cm per side. (Do not account for factory deductions when measuring for your blinds.)
  • Sorry, this product not eligible for 24-hour hold time. Changes/cancellations are not guaranteed once order is placed.


  • 30cm - 300cm Continuous Cord Loop
  • 30cm - 300cm Motorization
  • 30cm - 500cm Continuous Cord Loop
  • 30cm - 500cm Motorization
  • 6cm Exposed Roll
  • 2.54cm All Lift Styles

Motorization Details

  • Motorization remote is not included and at least one remote is needed per order. 1 Motorization charger included per order.
  • Add a 1-channel remote which can operate on a single frequency or upgrade to a 6-channel and 16-channel remote available at additional cost.
  • A 1 channel remote can connect one blind, whereas a 6 channel remote can connect up to 6 blinds. The same applies to 16 channel remote where 16 blinds can be connected at a sigle time. 
  • When upgrading to multi-channel/frequency remote, please select 'No Remote' for any additional motorized blinds you want to add to and power with it.

Smart Home Hub

  • 1 channel remote can operate up to 1 blinds. One blind can connect up to 20 different remotes. If you have more than 1 blinds to operate on a remote we recommend 6 channel or 16 channel remote.
  • 6 channel remote can operate up to 6 blinds. You may choose to control each of the 6 blinds individually or 6 together. You have total control over which blinds to operate.
  • 16 channel remote can operate up to 16 blinds. You may choose to control each of the 16 blinds individually or 16 together. You have total control over which blinds to operate.
  • It's highly recommended that each blind be programmed to its own channel.
  • Pairing multiple blinds to the same channel may cause programming errors, and is NOT recommended.
  • Battery operated white remote comes included with a lithium battery CR 2032 – 3v.
  • Remote reaches from approximately 80m away from blind. Signals halved for each single wall barrier between remote and blinds.
  • Remote is already programmed to the motorized blind. All that is required is to connect the battery to the motor and your blind is ready to operate.
  • Add-on Smart WiFi Hub allows you to operate your motorized blind with Google Home, Apple Homekit, Alexa and the free downloadable P2 Powermate app. Available for both iOS and Android systems.

Measure Custom Blinds & Shades

Watch Our How To Measure Windows Videos For Your Blinds & Shades
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Measuring Is Easy - Let Us Show You How!
  • Use a steel measuring tape
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for width, round down to the nearest 0.5cm (eg. 12.3cm becomes 12cm, 12.7cm becomes 12.5cm)
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for height, round up to the nearest 0.5cm (eg. 12.3cm becomes 12.5cm, 12.7cm becomes 13cm)
  • Always reference product specifications below for complete measuring instructions

Measuring Instructions

Outdoor shades are a classic design choice, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Modern outdoor shades offer a variety of stylish and trendy designs and patterns, so you can be sure to get the look you want, no matter your style.

Outdoor Shades Depth required for secure inside mount Flat surface for outside mount
All outdoor shades
  • 6cm Standard

Instructions for Inside Mounted Outdoor Shades

Depth Requirements
  • Your window needs to be deep enough for an inside mount. Go to the product’s information page and click on the “Specifications” tab to find out more about your product’s requirements.
Measuring the width
  • The width measurement is taken from the inside edge of the window frame at the top.
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for width, round down to the nearest 0.5cm (eg. 112.3cm becomes 112cm, 112.7cm becomes 112.5cm)
  • This will be the width you order.
Measuring the Height
  • The height measurement is taken from the window frame in three places (top left, center, and top right down to the window sill).
  • Record the largest height out of the 3 measurements
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for height, round up to the nearest 0.5cm (eg. 212.3cm becomes 212.5cm, 212.7cm becomes 213cm)
  • This will be the height you order.

We will make all the necessary deductions based on the measurements you provide during checkout. Do not make your own deductions. Don’t add to the width to make up for any deductions that we will take. For more light coverage, choose an outside mount.

Instructions for Outside Mounted Outdoor Shades

Since outside mounted window coverings cover the entire window opening and the window frame, there are some additions you will need to make to order the proper size. We will only make your product to the dimensions you specify, with no additions made.

Flat surface requirements
  • To find the product’s specific mounting requirements, read the information contained in the “Specifications” tab on whatever product you’re ordering.
Measuring the width
  • When measuring the window’s width, take the measurement at the top of the window frame.
  • You’ll use that measurement and add at minimum of 10cm, which is 5cm for each side. This will ensure the window is properly covered.
  • Now you have the perfect width and you’re ready to order.
Measuring the Height
  • When measuring the window’s height, take it from three locations: the left, center, and the right.
  • You’ll use the largest of the three measurements and add a minimum of 10cm, which is 5cm for the top and 5cm for the bottom. This ensures the window will be properly covered.
  • Now you have the perfect height and you’re ready to order.

Shipping & Production

  • All Heavy Duty Waterproof & Windproof Outdoor Blinds are custom made to your specifications and typically ships 1 to 3 business days after ordering. 
  • Shipping is charged by weight and size of the blinds. If you prefer to pick-up at our office/factory, it is free of charge.
  • All orders are placed on a 4-hour hold before being sent to the factory to allow changes to be made on measurement or color, if necessary.
  • Please allow few additional business days for shipping.
More Information
Options / FeaturesWater Resistent, Fabric Wrapped Bottom, Best Sellers, Motorization
Light ControlLight Filtering
Easy Lift SystemsContinuous Cord Loop, All Motorized, Motorized w/ Remote, Motorized w/ Wifi
Save (%)50
Room TypesOutdoor Areas
Product Selling Points
  • Weather-proof hardware
  • Privacy and protection against sunlight's glare
  • Keep outdoor spaces cool and comfy