100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We want all our customers to be happy and if you are not satisfied with the style, color or quality of your blinds, we will work with you to make it right. If this is the case, you should contact us within 30 days from the time of delivery. Our support team will schedule a return order of equal value with no additional costs. The return order will be a corrected improvement of the product you want to be replaced. If the issue cannot be corrected after a replacement product, we will issue you with a refund. 

If you'd like a replacement specifically for color, we'll help you order a free sample in the new color. After receiving the free sample, you are supposed to contact us so that we can send you a replacement of equal value at no additional costs. If the replacement costs more money than the initial order due to a new product, option selection or color chosen, you will have to pay for the difference in price between the old and new order. 

To qualify for a money back guarantee, you must have received the product. Note that the guarantee allows only a single replacement per product. Once you have ordered a replacement, it is not possible to process a refund for the same product. The limit of this policy is up to 10 items per household per lifetime. 

Commercial orders, which are orders that take into account more than 25 items, are not covered in the satisfaction guarantee. 

Our policy does not cover any products that were ordered out of recommended sizes, shapes and specifications.  We advise you to take a look at all product specifications before making your order.