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Curtain Ceiling Pleat Hooks - 12pcs

Pleat Hooks

Today’s most common approach to quickly hanging a curtain is to use a panel that allows a rod to slide through a pocket or pre-made holes. Anyone who has ever used them knows that they create difficult-to-open curtains and drapes and are not the ideal solution to window dressings.  That is why curtains that are made with buckram or pinch pleats are often so superior.

This is the classic design, and when well-made and hung with pleat hooks, they slide like silk as you open or close them, and they allow curtains to hang as they were designed to do. They can work with triple pleats, double pleats, and French pleats, and allow designers and decorators to opt between the use of curtain tracks that rely on traditional gliders with loops or with more decorative drapery hardware such as drapery rings.

The wonderful thing about pleat hooks, and particularly the four-prong style here, is that they can also be used to create the pleats in the flat panels before hanging them. They do, however, pair well with deep pleat tape and allow four-prong hooks to glide into place and hold the pleats and curtains just as desired. Their metallic finish reflects their construction of 201 stainless steel and proves that you can count on them for years of service.

Curtain pleat hooks are typically used on curtains or draperies that are meant to slide or glide on those traditional gliders as they hang from their hooks, and yet they remain concealed whether in pleat heading tape or buckram. Whether suspended from a traverse rod and rings or gliding along a track, these pleat hooks hold the curtains exactly as desired and can even be counted on for fixed curtains meant only to dress the window, but not open or close.

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