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Hand Drawn Pulleys

The use of pinch pleat drapes and curtains that glide along a track with gliders makes for a dreamy installation. Curtains or even the heaviest drapes just swoosh along the track and open with ease. However, when those window dressings are very tall, even a superior set of tracks fails to yield the best results. That is when these hand drawn pulleys can come to the rescue.

Sold in pairs, they are extremely strong and durable rods that feature a steel core and white plastic coating that allows the user to clasp the rod and pull gently to get the curtains moving. This eliminates any risk of stains, wear or tear on the curtains and it also ensures that the tracks and hooks do not face too much pressure from downward tugging and pulling whenever they are opened or closed.

Ideal for all installations, they are remarkably beneficial to the taller windows as they allow ease of use without risk to gliders or curtain rings or even weakening the pole or track fixings to the wall.

These hand drawn pulleys easily clip onto the second to leading curtain ring within the track or glider and let you open or close curtains quickly, quietly, easily and safely. Esthetically pleasing, they are also made to be hidden discreetly behind curtain fabric to prevent any diminishment of a window dressing’s beauty.

Made in multiple lengths, they are a perfect solution for those who have very tall windows, exceedingly valuable or easily stained curtains and draperies, or anyone who just wants a superior way of opening window dressings without putting wear, tear or risking damage to hardware and curtains alike. Use them on sheers, too, and enjoy the greatest ease at all times.

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