Hospital Cubicle Curtain Tracks

The traditional hospital cubicle system created by drawing curtains is an optimal way for medical facilities to maximize space, ensure adequate airflow and yet supply a measure of privacy if needed. These Hospital Curtain Tracks are the foundation for that cost-effective system of partitioning a room or ward. Easy to install, they are also a good solution for gyms and fitness facilities and even retail establishments. Simply design the layout of the cubicle or space and use these rigid tracks to map out the areas you wish to have enclosed by curtains.

With the ability to change runner points (both for easy cleaning and adaptability to your design), you can create almost any configuration possible.

The heavy-duty track uses a rigid structure that offers years of durability and use, but which is also  flexible to any configuration and totally customizable. At installation, the runner access points can be inserted to whatever needs must be met, and they can change easily at various access points. Need to wash the hospital curtains? The runner access points enable you to take them down and switch them out whenever needed.

Modeled on similar modular systems, the tracks will conform to HTM 66 (2005 standards) and utilize anti-ligature components for optimal safety. Properly installed tracks also offer the kind of durability that helps keep maintenance costs to a minimum.

It features metal components that are powder coated to ensure easy cleaning and good looks, but which also add to their durability and performance. Additionally, these Hospital Curtain Tracks may be adaptable to suspension kits (see more information below).

The key features buyers enjoy with these Hospital Curtain Tracks include:

  • Modular system flexibility allows for any sort of layout or configuration, including U-shapes and cubicles
  • Durable and rigid materials ensure long-lasting performance
  • Quiet operations means smooth and easy gliding
  • Change runner points to easily adjust curtains and cleaning
  • Silver white electrophoresis anodized coated for a clean look
  • Conforms to HTM 66 (2005 standards)

Package Include:
1) Hospital tracks,

2) Appropriate number of runners depending on your length.

3) End caps.

Package does not include: (You need to purchase it seperately)

1) Ceiling support kits

2) Wall fixing kits.