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Remember: not all windows are exactly the same even if they look it. Please be sure to measure each window before ordering multiple of the same size window covering.

Hospital Cubicle Medical Curtains

A hospital is a place that must meet specific safety standards and these Hospital Cubical Medial Curtains are designed to uphold safety and cleanliness standards under even the most rigorous conditions.

They are professional grade curtains and offer the following features:

  • Machine washable – They can be put through the rigors of even the hottest hot water cycle and most intense scrubbing cycle, and will not fade with repeated washing.
  • Safe – Made of 100% polyester, each panel is flame-retardant and complies with NFPA 701 fire codes. They must be installed on the appropriate track, which should also be purchased to hospital quality standards and guidelines (the tracks and hardware are not included).
  • Sterile – These curtains are anti-bacterial and while intended for privacy, they are also impervious and resistant to 99% of bacterium.
  • Durable – These Hospital Cubicle Medical Curtains are designed to last through years of service and feature grommet tops that connect to hooks commonly used to suspend such curtains. Made of no-rip materials, they hang nicely and feature the  8” (20cm) of mesh at the top for full ventilation and to meet fire safety standards.
  • Esthetically appealing – These curtains are made from colorful and appealing materials to ensure that those within the hospital rooms are as cheerful as possible in a medical setting. The colors and prints are specifically chosen to create a happier atmosphere.

On top of all of these features, these Hospital Cubicle Medical Curtains have been created to install at regulation levels and will come in a height of 2.15m and install at 2.4m above the floor. Widths vary and sizes available are:

Up to 2.2m

Up to 3.4m

Up to 4.6m

Up to 5.8m

Available in five colors, these Hospital Cubicle Medical Curtains hit all the marks in terms of safety, cleanliness, attractiveness, easy care, and durability. They are designed to meet all regulations and standards and will not fade or tear. They mount easily to proper tracks and glides, and are sure to satisfy even the most specific standards and settings.

Steps to order:

1) Determine the width of your hospital/medical curtain tracks. All ready made cubicle curtains come with the standard 2.15m height as approved by the authority.

2) Determine the color of your choice. We provide 6 colors: blue, green, ivory, lotus, red and vanilla.

3) If your hospital curtain track width is 2m, choose the "For hospital track width up to 2.2m".

Likewise if your curtain track width is 4m, choose the option "For hospital track width up to 4.6m". Always choose the available option that has width higher than hospital your curtain track.