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Premium Eyelets - 100pcs

Matt Purple
Antique Green
Matt Brown
Bronze Red
Matt Silver
Chrome Gold
Matt Gold
Chrome Silver

Premium Eyelets

Also commonly called grommets, curtain eyelets are put at the top of a curtain or drapery panel, and will allow you to hang it easily without any pins. Instead, they are large enough to glide over (around) a decorative curtain rod. Found in any number of sizes, they are usually two-piece, lipped rings that are pressed together with the curtain fabric between. They do not always require tools as they are available to cover or replace existing eyelets.

These premium eyelets may be simple, but they can be used in a diversity of ways to dress up or turn even the plainest curtains into eye catching beauties in a few moments. They come in a wide range of decorator colors, including a creamy white, matte purple, antique green, black, matte brown, bronze red, matte silver, chrome gold, matte gold, and chrome silver. This means that almost any interior style or design can be enhanced or emphasized with just a few quick taps of the grommet tool or even with bare hands.

Made in the popular, two-piece style, this package of 200 curtain eyelets have a simple elegance that allows them to easily work with almost any type of curtain rod or panels and drapes. Use them with eyelet curtain tapes, to replace existing grommets, or inset them yourself if you have the right tools, and dress up or tone down the look of a window dressing while enjoying a rip-free, easy glide open and close curtain.

Though they are basic, untextured options, the array of colors and the universal, snap together style ensures that they do a lot more than secure a grommet hole or allow the curtain to open smoothly. They give depth where needed and stability to even an older panel or drape.

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