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Vina Signature Solar Sunscreen Blinds

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Original price RM304.00 MYR
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Original price RM304.00 MYR
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Color: White Vina



Your Price : RM152.00 MYR
Your Price : RM152.00 MYR

Premium Outdoor Waterproof Vina Blinds are the best sun-blocking blinds out there. It allows natural light to filter into your home while blocking out harmful UV rays that will fade your furniture and cause sun damage. This makes these shades perfect for living spaces or offices. These blinds are woven in a way that allows you to see out while keeping the heat or cool air in your home.


Designers love to layer these fashionable window covering to create a unique interior style. They pair these delicate light-filtering shades with textured blinds or drapes and cornices. Custom-make every element of your blinds to create a stylish window for your home.


The polyester and PVC formula makes these curtains easy to clean and bacteria and fungi resistant to your health. These blinds are specially formulated to create wrinkle-free shades that will look great well past the 3-year warranty. At BlindsHub, we guarantee great quality blinds at amazing prices. All of our blinds and shades are handmade in Malaysia to your specifications.


  • Easy to clean fabric - 70% PVC and 30% polyester
  • Light filtering blinds - Nothing blocks harmful UV rays better
  • Custom-made blinds - Blinds tailored to your tastes. Maximum width is 3m.
  • Energy efficient shades - Fashionable window coverings that prevent heat seepage from windows.

Premium Custom Made Blinds & Shades

BlindsHub is a leading brand that specializes in high quality custom made blinds & shades. Along with hundreds of motivated employees, BlindsHub is dedicated to providing our customers with quality custom made blinds & shades at reasonable prices. Today, BlindsHub has occupied markets of Malaysia & Singapore with thousands of customers every month.

Why Choose BlindsHub?

  • Premium quality
  • Made to last 10+ years
  • 3 Years Warranty
  • Made locally in Malaysia
  • Incredibly Reasonable Prices
  • 100% Made to Fit Your Windows
  • Manufactured in under 7 business days
  • Fast & Secure Delivery

Fully Blackout

Get a peaceful night sleep by cutting out all unwanted light

Block UV rays

Keep your place cool and energy-efficient, keep your furniture and interior without fading color, and protect your family members.

Easy to Clean

Blinds just need a quick wipe down with the dusting nozzle on your vacuum.

Extra Protection Against Fires

Material to give you that added protection in case of emergencies.


Upgrade to motorised blinds controlled by remote or the effortless control afforded by Smart WiFi Hub integration

3-years warranty

Can directly contact our customer support if any issue or inquiry


  • 30cm - 300cm (Continuous Cord Loop)
  • 30cm - 300cm (Motorization)
  • 30cm - 300cm (Continuous Cord Loop)
  • 30cm - 300cm (Motorization)
Min Inside-mount Depth7.5cm ( Cassette)
Min Outside-mount Space2.5cm ( All Lift style)
MaterialPremium 30% Polyester & 70% PVC
Headrail Dimensions8.3cm Depth x 7.6cm Height.



  • Products come with 10cm of extra fabric to conceal and hide roller.
  • Outside mounted blinds with exposed roll will show the hardware brackets, regardless of roll position selected.
  • We recommend reverse roll for inside mount only. If outside mounted, a large light gap is created.
  • Continuous Cord Loop lift system can be top and back mounted. The brackets provided are universal.
  • Standard cassette pelmet size is 8.3cm Depth x 7.6cm Height.


  • Factory deductions: Outside mount: No deductions on headrail, 1.2cm light gap on either side of fabric. (Do not account for factory deductions when measuring for your blinds.)
  • Factory deductions: Inside mount: Continuous Cord Loop: 0.3cm headrail deduction with 1.2cm light gap per side.  Cassette option: 0.3cm headrail deduction with light gap of 1.3cm per side. (Do not account for factory deductions when measuring for your blinds.)
  • Sorry, this product not eligible for 24-hour hold time. Changes/cancellations are not guaranteed once order is placed.

Measure & Install

Measuring tips

  • Use a steel measuring tape.
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for width, round down to the nearest 0.5cm (eg. 12.3cm becomes 12cm, 12.7cm becomes 12.5cm).
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for height, round up to the nearest 0.5cm (eg. 12.3cm becomes 12.5cm, 12.7cm becomes 13cm).
  • Always reference product specifications above for complete measuring instructions.

BlindsHub will manufacture exactly to your order requirements (with precision of +/- 2mm ) 

If you order 100cm width, we will make exactly 100 cm (end-to-end). We will not make any measurement deductions or additions in any circumstances.

Shipping & Production

  • All Vina Solar Sunscreen Blinds are custom made to your specifications and typically ships 1 to 4 business days after ordering. 
  • Shipping is charged by weight and size of the blinds. If you prefer to pick-up at our office/factory, it is free of charge.
  • All orders are placed on a 4-hour hold before being sent to the factory to allow changes to be made on measurement or color, if necessary.
  • Please allow few additional business days for shipping.