Shipping & Ordering

We are glad to accept Visa or MasterCard payments which are the two options made available at the time of checkout. 

Yes, every order is placed in a hold status for a single business day after being placed. This allows shoppers to ensure that their choices in colors and sizes are accurate. It also allows for a cancellation on an order, in addition to changes, but there may be some fees incurred. We make every effort to update an order without any further fees added. If an order was placed and needs a change, it is best to live phone us directly.

Orders are held for a single business day before heading into production (with the exception of rush orders made within one to two days, and which go  directly to the factory floor once payment is received). This allows for changes to be made in the 24 hours after an order is placed.

Typically, orders take from 1-3 business days. Most custom orders arrive in that window of time, and to the address provided. As a simple illustration, a blind or shade with a one to three business days production process should be allowed three business days to ship, meaning that it would be from four to six business days from date of order to date of delivery.

Should very fixed and precise estimate be required, the Shipping & Production tab in the Product Information section at the bottom of the product page is extremely useful. Entering the delivery ship code and shipping method provides an accurate estimated arrival date. However, a one to three days window before and after is appropriate.

A confirmation email is sent with online tracking information for the order once payment is confirmed. Once an order ships, a tracking number on that shipment is provided, and it is possible to monitor the order and learn the precise delivery date and even the time.

Yes. We provide FREE shipping throughout Malaysia for order more than MYR75. For order less than MYR75, we charge MYR8 for peninsula Malaysia and MYR10 for Sabah & Sarawak.

For Singapore, however, all blinds/shades will be charge RM15 per set. In case of ordering three sets of blinds, there will be RM45 will be charge onto your account for the courier service in order for the blinds to arrive to your doorsteps.

Yes, any sales taxes are included in the pricing at checkout and nothing further is added.

Yes, you can and should take advantage on the free samples. It is one easy way to be absolutely certain that a fabric or texture is what is required for your design project. Is it the right hue, does it look good in the space? These are questions only our free samples can help you to answer.

We allow shoppers to order up to 15 free samples at once, and this is to guarantee they see the quality of the materials for themselves and determine whether or not they work in the setting and/or the design. Shipping on all samples is free, as well, and to order you just choose the "FREE SAMPLE" button under the color or product desired.

Any sales pricing will apply even when a shopper orders samples first, and it is highly recommended to order free samples in advance of placing an order. The intention of a day's s special deal is never to rush a buyer into a decision. All special promotional pricing and offers (including those made over major holidays) are applied to a product ordered if placed within 30 days of ordering samples.

Certainly! You can remove anything from a cart and then return it as an edited or updated item.


Please see our Return Policy page for details.

Measure & Install

Please see our Measuring Instructions page for full explanations and illustrations.

We do not recommend using old blinds, even custom orders from the past, because manufacturers take deductions at the factory and this may result in an uneven or awkward fit when those same figures are used on new blinds and shades. See our "How to Measure Window Guide", to guarantee you make the most accurate measurements.

Unfortunately, one way we control prices is by skipping any measuring and installation services. However, we always say that anyone who is able to hang a picture is going to find it easy to hang custom window treatments. We are always here to help, and in addition to our measuring and installation guides, our customers can contact us by phone or email with questions.

We urge you to ensure your order is correct before hiring anyone to install your window coverings, and perhaps even hire them to take the measurements to ensure the best results.

Use our Measuring Instructions page for further details, and to see our recommendations for coverings that are the best for doors.

Again, we suggest you visit the Measuring Instructions page to learn how to measure when installing two or more separate window coverings in a single window space.

Minimum measurements and requirements appear on the individual product pages in the "Specifications and Installation" tables found at the bottom of the page, typically beneath the Product Information section.

Please see our Installation Instructions for full explanations and illustrations. Additionally, any products sold arrive with manufacturer's installation hardware and instructions, and all installation guides are also available online.

Our Products

We all know that our computer or mobile device displays may be inaccurate where colors are concerned. From ambient lighting to the quality of the screen, it can be tricky to properly gauge a color. That is why we encourage ordering samples before buying. This ensures you get the color desired.

Also, it guarantees that you have the least amount of variance in something like a wood's color or grain. Additionally, it helps to ensure the most hues because dye lots change, and the color sample ordered and used within 30-day window is most likely to be extremely accurate. If it has been more than 30 days since a sample arrived, it is best to re-order that sample and double check the colors.

If ordering multiple treatments for the same room, we urge you to order everything at once as this guarantees that everything is from the same dye lot and matches perfectly.

You will need to be an existing customer with the previous order on the items in need of the parts, and we can look up your order or use the order number to identify the parts and products in question. Parts are under warranty and will be identified, replaced and shipped out a no further cost to you.

An outside mounted blind or shade attaches outside the window opening and extends beyond the wall or door, while an inside mounted window covering attaches inside the window frame and is flush with the wall.

Some of our products feature motorized headrails with rechargeable batteries that make it possible to open and close them using a remote control device. This is a new invention and is part of the modern home automation trends that are changing the ways that traditional window coverings operate and function as part of a home's decor and energy efficiency.

In a word : Yes. Any of our custom window coverings are made to be of equal or better quality than the most familiar manufacturers, and we even extend a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all of our products.