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Classic Custom Curtain Tracks Hardware

Few of us ever pay much attention to just how the mechanics of draperies and curtains operate. We know they slide open and closed, and we know that some sort of hooks or pins might be involved, but we don’t often investigate how it’s done. This Premium Hotel Curtain Rails set makes it easier than ever to achieve the look of iconic gliding window dressings, and offers up a metal curtain track and gliders that can allow even a novice to achieve amazing results.

Made in Malaysia, the Classic Custom Curtain Tracks Hardware track comes in one of three powder coated aluminum colors (brown, white or silver). The gliders are molded from silky silicone and injected plastic, ensuring that they glide easily. Gliders can pull past joins in the curtain track for a continuous glide.

It has been carefully designed to suspend more than a single curtain on one window, including sheers on one track and heavier panels on the other. In fact, this sheer inset curtain and heavier drapery on the outer edge is a common method of preventing viewers from easily seeing inside while enjoying ambient light from outdoors, and then with a single swipe, the curtains can slide along the tracks to close.

When mounted properly, this set can support individual weights of up to 25kg. They must be correctly installed to do so, and this may mean using heavy duty screws, and specialty mounting hardware. This set includes only the proper number of brackets and gliders for the length selected. It is safe and effective to drill additional holes into the track profile for heavier curtains and more support, such as households where the curtains are opened and closed many times a day.

To place an order, you must choose both the color of the bracket and the length using the Specifications tab, and extra-long double tracks are available. Lengths can be:

  • Up to 260 cm (8.5 ft) and arrive in one piece 
  • Up to 520 cm (17 ft) and arrive in two pieces (with joiner)

All tracks can be trimmed to size upon arrival, and stated lengths EXCLUDE the finials. Extra gliders, curtain stops, joiners and pieces of track are available. They are suited to heavy weights and a wall fixed version of the track is also available in the “Related Items” section below. There are also hand bendable versions of this track in the “Related Items” section below.

Strong and yet easy to mount and use, this Classic Custom Curtain Tracks Hardware offers the ultimate in customization and design. Mount two heavy curtains or two light curtains, or do the classic sheer and curtain blend in moments with this hardware.



  • All curtain tracks are made to order according to your measurements provided so please ensure it is correct.
  • All necessary accessories such as end caps, runners and brackets are included
  • Product finishing are very high in quality (eletrophoresis anodizing guarantees no rust in 10-20 years)
  • Silent PVC strips in the aluminium tracks ensure runners glide smoothly and operates silently during opening and closing of curtains.
  • Length above 250cm will be separated equally into half and joiner will be provided due to shipping constraints
  • Widely used in majority of 5 star hotels (eg, Four Seasons Hotels, Westin Hotels)
  • Designer and architect favourite.
  • Sorry, this product not eligible for 4-hour hold time. Changes/cancellations are not guaranteed once order is placed.


  • 10cm - 610cm Length
  • Length > 250cm will be seperated into half + 1pcs Joiner

Shipping & Production

    • All premium hotel curtain rails are made to order. It takes less than 1-2 business days to produce
    • Our products are high quality, we do not have ready made stock. All are custom made in our factory<.li>
    • Shipping is charged by weight and size of the curtain tracks. If you prefer to pick-up at our office/factory, it is free of charge.
    • Please allow few additional business days for shipping.



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  • Heavy Duty, Silent & Smooth Curtain Tracks
  • Widely used in 5 star hotels
  • Designer and Architect's Favourite