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How To Measure Windows For Your Blinds


Each product has its own unique measuring instructions. But here at Blindshub, we make it simple. We follow your measurements exactly with tolerance of +/-2mm.

BlindsHub produce blinds and shades exactly according to your measurements given without any additions or deductions on our side.

If you place an order of 200cm width, we will produce end-to-end 200cm. We do not make any additions or deductions on our side in any circumstances. Generally, you will be certain that your measurements is exactly what you have ordered so it fits perfectly to your window.

Here are some quick tips to remember:

  • Use a measuring tape.
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for width, round down to the nearest 0.5cm. (eg. 12.3cm becomes 12cm, 12.7cm becomes 12.5cm)
  • If you get a 0.3cm or 0.7cm increment for height, round up to the nearest 0.5cm (eg. 12.3cm becomes 12.5cm, 12.7cm becomes 13cm)
  • Always check your product's specifications at the bottom of each product page to ensure accurate measurements.